Září 2015

Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)

29. září 2015 v 17:12 | Lonely Planet |  Listen to music
Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)

Truth about my life - so just please... don´t... if I can´t have you.

Fight back

29. září 2015 v 17:08 | Freaking Out |  Adventures of my life
"A ty si pořád tam co loni, že?" *Néé, vodstěhovala jsem se z osobních důvodů na Sibiř!*

Point of no return

29. září 2015 v 16:52 | Dark Eyes |  Adventures of my life
If I was a bit more bold, I would become Lorde...


27. září 2015 v 15:54 | Wednesday |  Adventures of my life
To, jaké příspěvky lidi lajkují, o nich řekne třikrát víc než jejich statusy. Ať žijou novinky na facebooku!

Ellie Goulding ft. Angel Haze - Life Round Here

27. září 2015 v 14:25 | Dark Manner |  Listen to music
Dark flow:
Ellie Goulding ft. Angel Haze - Life Round Here

Never let Ellie sing alone and it will be great...

Možná nový objev...

27. září 2015 v 14:21 | Wednesday |  Adventures of my life
Nechci být na ty holky hnusná, ale někdy mi vážně přijde, že s velikostí prsou a světlostí vlasů narůstá debilita.

Pointless cat

27. září 2015 v 11:43 | Edgar Allan |  Philosopher's stone
I´m an artist - I´m not sayin that because I wanna look cool, I´m just sayin that because I´d like to point out some dangerous diseases you don´t want to have.


26. září 2015 v 16:39 | Backpack Devotions |  Adventures of my life
At least one good thing it gave me - I don´t expect anything from anybody anymore.

Seinabo Sey - Pretend

26. září 2015 v 10:18 | Shush You |  Listen to music
New unknown:
Seinabo Sey - Pretend

Someone just told me to leave all my sorrow
If that is true, I don't know who to be


24. září 2015 v 14:53 | Searchin Myself |  Interesting findings
Don´t know, if this theory is just the right one... but at least it´s really accurate!

I should move in another city

24. září 2015 v 9:58 | New-life Needer
It´s time to write a list - list about why are you a jerk and those others are too...

Disclosure - Jaded

24. září 2015 v 9:57 | Maneater |  Listen to music
Getting closer to the Caracal:
Disclosure - Jaded

Buyin tickets and no one and nothing can stop me!

Shush and get out!

22. září 2015 v 21:54 | John Watson |  Adventures of my life
Mouth full of shit how they wanna see me and never came... I should just stop listening to those fake idiots.

My saviour

22. září 2015 v 20:58 | Daughter of Gallifrey |  Adventures of my life
When all else fails, still there´s the Doctor...

Nothing, just nothing

22. září 2015 v 20:50 | Souffle girl |  Blah blah blah
"Hatred is too strong an emotion to waste on someone you don't like."

I realized one thing: There´s just nothing he can do. Still whatever happens, it just drives me mad. Again and again, I´m trying to forget, I´m trying to let go, to forgive, but I just can´t. Maybe it was all too much, maybe he deserves the pain, or at least I deserve to see he´s bleeding. But he seems so calm, it drives me crazy.

If he does something nice, I will hate him. Why the fuck he´s trying to make me happy?! WHY?! HE!
If he does something wrong, I will just say to myself: Here we go again. He´s an idiot and I knew it.
If he does something neutral, I will ask myself: Why do you even care? Just go, leave me, I don´t want this!

Don´t know how long it gonna take... Year, two, three. I need to be sure. Sure that he doesn´t deserve me. Sure I won´t try again. Sure... Forget, let go. Sure about how he thinks about me, sure who he actually is, sure about the game he´s playing with everyone. Sure who I am. I need to know it. Every weird feeling brings me thoughts, brings me questions I can not ask myself. But I´m maybe... I just don´t want to talk to him about it. Cause I don´t want talk to him about anything. No more words, no more trust, no more deep friendship.
Since one day I´ve desided I never trust him again, never say anything personal again, never tell him any secret, never tell him anything about how I feel and think. Since that day I build a wall around my mind, my mouth. It hurts me more than I can say. That feeling that you find a friend and than just lost him, because it was a mistake. Probably just a big mistake... No matter how much good it brings, it costs me too many tears. An friends aren´t the people you should cry for without them crying for you. When it´s not on both sides, then it doesn´t exist.
Maybe he likes me. Maybe I´m even important - but I don´t believe it and he will never tell. I don´t deserve this kind of abuse, but it´s hard to get out of it.

I just wanna be fair, but it seems like life is not. I get the worst, I´m giving it back. I can be a bitch, but I have conscience. Too much, far too much. I want to hurt him so badly, but it will hurt me more. So I just keep my balance, hoping not to fall.
Does he know? Soo many times he said how many people wants to kill him. I´m asing myself, if he knows why. Because I know it really well. It´s just his fault... just his fault that people look at him like that. That´s everytime our fault. People look at us the way we look back. And he is blind.
People seems to like me - sometimes. Because I see. I can see through them, I can listen, I can do a favour. I can be nice. I can understand. He can do the same, but he is blind. So he everytime does it just wrong. Wrong timing of everything, wrong place, wrong time...
And that´s the reason. I saw him, looked through him. At least a part of his complicated mechanism I saw. But he can´t see a shit in me. Should I blame him for this disability? I don´t know. But if he is a human as well as me, then I could at least a bit. Because he crossed a line of humanity. He knows what it means and still doesn´t know how to hold it. So he lose...

Give me time. At least some time... Be dead for me, please. If you wanna see my face again, then get out with yours. Don´t write, I won´t to you. Don´t talk to me, I won´t to you. And maybe one day we will stand face to face and I would speak again. Speak about something more than a weather...


22. září 2015 v 20:18 | Fuckity Fuck |  Adventures of my life
Když vidíš někoho, kdo umí "udržet foťák", jak pyšně vystavuje, strašně se s tim chlubí a všichni jsou z něho unešení... YO, BITCH! DO A FAVOUR - DIE!

No, shit

22. září 2015 v 14:38 | John Watson |  Adventures of my life
When he wrote you and another girl, if you want to go for a few-days-long school trip... Like YOU REALLY THINK I WANNA WASTE TIME WITH YOU?!

F For You

16. září 2015 v 13:30 | Sleazy Snake |  Adventures of my life
I don´t need a boyfriend, I need Disclosure! - lonely girl motto


16. září 2015 v 13:29 | Frank Freak |  Philosopher's stone
Let´s fuck it all and listen to music... - quote of the day

Marry me, Marry

13. září 2015 v 11:15 | Ultimate Fan |  Randomly beautiful
Sweetness overload...