Srpen 2016

Won't change

30. srpna 2016 v 11:15 | Dear Diary |  Adventures of my life
Listening to Sophie Ellis-Bextor, melting down like icecream and then... phone is ringing... like WHAT?! Must be a Timelord and prophet, seriously... And I think, I find a christmas gift already. Dear shops, get ready! Lady is coming!

Because... Max

29. srpna 2016 v 9:33 | Dinner Corner |  Adventures of my life
Shits got real...

Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara - WILD

25. srpna 2016 v 8:56 | Cloud 9 |  Listen to music
Darlings called:
Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara - WILD

Leave this blue neighborhood...

Sherlocks outta door!

23. srpna 2016 v 8:40 | 5 South-East |  Adventures of my life
And we were like: "No, I'm not like Molly..."
And then: "Ok, maybe... I'm kinda... Molly."

Did I?

19. srpna 2016 v 8:51 | Lil Miss-C |  Randomly beautiful
*crying* *is this really happening?* *is it?*

5SOS - Girls Talk Boys

18. srpna 2016 v 9:40 | Lil Miss-C |  Adventures of my life
Needed my summer song:
5SOS - Girls Talk Boys

When you talkin to your girls, do you talkin bout me?
Did you say that I'm a sweetheart? Did you say I'm a freak?

Miss Clara is busy

18. srpna 2016 v 9:32 | Souffle girl |  Adventures of my life
Sometimes you found yourself in the middle of work holding your own tears. For no reason... Listening to love songs again. Again able to talk. Able to breath even though you're out of breath. They say love brings inspiration, but my head is a black hole. Because it's not love. It's very sweet light in the tunnel that turns into an open space. And sky seems as clear in my head, as it really is outside the window.

Black hole. But still leaving just that black hole of never know what to say, what to write.

Alessia Cara - Here

12. srpna 2016 v 9:23 | Souffle girl |  Listen to music
What's New:
Alessia Cara - Here

I'm sorry if I seem not interested...
But really I would rather be home by myself.